“renaldo balkman is not here” — David Stern

To no one’s surprise Phoenix has denied Isiah’s claim that Balkman was the Suns pick at 21 or 27. From the NY Post:

“When Isiah Thomas defended his decision to nab defensive South Carolina small-forward defensive specialist Renaldo Balkman at 20 instead of waiting for 29, he said his “due diligence” discovered the Suns were going to take him at either 21 or 27.
Sherlock Holmes, Isiah is not. Three sources, including one inside the Suns organization, told The Post yesterday Phoenix was not taking Balkman in the first round and that’s not why they traded their picks. One league source who spoke to a Suns official said if Balkman was available at 45, they would have passed.”

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2 Comments on ““renaldo balkman is not here” — David Stern”

  1. dominique Says:

    what a big head

  2. dominique balkman Says:

    what it do

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