Leggo my Joy, Larry Brown

Even though he’s out of the frying pan, some Knicks are limply tossing half-lit matches at Larry Brown. Young Knick Nate Robinson has no plays to stop being Nate Robinson. According to Robinson, Brown “was trying to take my joy” and was “so old-school.” He much prefers Isaiah because “Isiah wants everyone to have fun.” As part of Isaiah’s having fun gameplan, look for Nate Robinson Bobble-Joy night at MSG. My guess is a mid-season game against the Hawks, to make sure people are coming through the turnstyles.

Rookie Channing Frye agreed that last year was “a big circus,” which leads us to believe that Frye will classify this coming season as “a miserable failure.” Look for Spike to be coming off the bench for some garbage time.

Reporters attempted to reach Starbury for comment but the blinding light of his greatness left them shocked and amazed.

Despite Isaiah’s recent comments that Santa Claus isn’t going to walk through that door and solve their financial woes, doesn’t this seem a little like Christmas?

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