The Gastronomic Goliath

Noted pastry chef Patrick O’Bryant made his summer league debut last night for the Golden State Warriors. He started off a little nervous and relied on his basic fundamentals, executing a butter and graham cracker mix with a stern pat into a pie pan. He then added milk to the mixture and firmed up his approach.

In the second half he surprised the crowd by using both a berry and chocolate topping as well as tropical fruit, an homage to teammate and Carribbean native Adonal Foyle .

Said General Manager Chris Mullin – “Patrick shows early signs of being a true asset to the Warriors. By November he may be ready to start utilizing truffles in his repertoire. The Warriors will do whatever it takes and provide Patrick the environment, equipment and products he needs to maximize his abilities”

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One Comment on “The Gastronomic Goliath”

  1. […] prefers Steve Nash with hair. And he can’t wait to try some of Patrick O’Bryant’s cheesecake. Explore posts in the same categories: […]

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