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If you haven’t been reading Arash Markazi CNNSI’s columns then you are really missing a treat. Most of his journalism revolves around the party life of professional athletes – festivities such as all-star weekend parties, nba draft parties and most recently the pre-ESPY and after-ESPY parties .

In describing a get together put on by General Motors during “ESPY weekend” Markazi runs through the guest list which includes such notables as Ian Zieirng, Oksana Baiul and the guy from SportsNight.

Markazi also caught up at this party with Jeremy Piven who seemed pleased that he was about to witness singing from a man named Common:

“Let’s go,” he kept saying. “Let’s do this.” When I told him Common’s probably warming up, Piven said, “He doesn’t need to warm up, he’s already hot.” As soon as Common hit the stage with someone rocking a harp behind him, Piven went nuts. “Are you happy now?” Josh Charles asked Piven. “Oh yeah,” Piven said. “Finally!”

“As Common was on stage performing the intro to Be and transitioning into Go!, Piven and everyone near the stage put their hands up. When Common spotted Piven he smiled, and said, “J. Piven in the house y’all.” Among the people bobbing their heads to Common’s beats were O’Neal, dancing with his wife Shaunie, Alonzo Mourning, hugging his wife; Chris Mihm, Alex Holmes, Nick Cannon, Tommy Davidson, DJ Caroline D’Amore and Adrien Brody, who was approached every other second by a girl wanting to shake his hand or take a picture with him.”

Rebuilding Year is offering 10,000 dollars for any pictures of Chris Mihm dancing.

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One Comment on “page six foot six”

  1. Meghann Says:

    I’m glad Ari Gold has found his way onto Rebuilding Year.

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