i think they’re in the penalty


While reviewing last night’s Summer League Box Scores over a morning latte I learned that 69 total fouls were called in last night’s Memphis Grizzlies 88-73 victory over the Andrew Bynum led Los Angeles Lakers. I thought, well, that’s a lot of fouls but the players are young and maybe they just don’t know how to play good defense. Then I read that the lead ref on the game was Joey Crawford. For christ’s sake. Not only does this man ruin NBA games and make the World Cup look well officiated but now he is inflicting his wrath on our beloved Summer Leagues.

At this point Joey and his tag team partner Knick Bavetta remind me of Charles Robinson, that ref from WCW who always favored Ric Flair. Except in this instance Joey favors no team over the hearing the sound of his own whistle.

Unfortunately for fans the NBA is not lucky enough to have a strong commissioner to reel in these referees gone wild.

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