32 teams, 32 questions, AFC West


Oakland – How many more times will we have to hear about how “Al Davis loves the vertical attack”? The guy is 120 years old. He doesn’t remember what he loves anymore besides prunes and reruns of Wheel of Fortune. The last deep pass the Raiders completed was way back when Jay Schroeder was quarterback and Art Shell was coach. Uhhh…..

Kansas City – Will the overrated Herman Edwards be able to keep track of time and count his timeouts? Or will he need Dick Curl? No, Dick Curl is not what Mrs. Edwards calls Herman’s nether regions. Dick Curl is the assistant in charge of clock management for Herm in New York and has traveled with Herm to KC.

Denver – Will Jake Plummer show up to training camp driving his HONDA ELEMENT ? Can a quarterback who drives one of these really win a Super Bowl?

San Diego – If the Philip Rivers as QB experiment doesn’t go as planned, will San Diego pick up the phone and call a former quarterback and current college football coach out of retirement to take the Chargers to the promise land?

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2 Comments on “32 teams, 32 questions, AFC West”

  1. randomtopics Says:

    Al Davis has done more for the sport than just about any man alive. He deserves more respect than he gets. The Raiders are one of the best franchises in the NFL historically and Davis deserves the credit.

  2. Josh Says:

    Sure, but I don’t think Davis has adjusted his philosophies in twenty years. And no one will coach for him and if they do they leave as soon as they can.

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