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Will Brenda and Kurt Warner approve

August 31, 2006


As we predicted, Matt Leinart is having protection problems in Arizona


photogenic pau

August 31, 2006


Thanks to The Hype for this great photo of Memphis all-star Pau Gasol. Post your own caption in the comment section.

not a shot he’d want replayed

August 30, 2006

Dear Don Nelson,

Talk to Lenny Wilkins about what is like to work for an insane ex-star athlete/general manager before signing this contract. We won’t even get into the absurd contracts of Dunleavy Junior or Troy Murphy. Take a look at Adonal Foyle — you owe him about another 40 million. The paperwork hasn’t been filed with the league yet. Think this through.

Rebuilding Year

(thanks for the clip GoldenStateofMind)

NFC South Predictions

August 30, 2006


1) Carolina Panthers – 12-4

The Panthers look like one of the most complete teams in the league. A combination of Deshaun Foster and DeAngelo Williams should improve the running game to at least servicable and Keyshawn will fit in nicely as Carolina’s number two receiver. Their defense is always tough although they’ll miss Will Witherspoon. If Kris Jenkins and Dan Morgan stay healthy then we’re not sure how any team can run on these guys. This team has to be considered a strong Super Bowl contender.

2) Atlanta Falcons – 10-6

Atlanta quietly and effectively addressed their needs in free agency and the draft – John Abraham was brought in to provde a rush off the end, Lawyer Milloy and Jimmy Williams were brought in to fortify the secondary and Ernie Hartwell will be back from injury to play the middle linebacker spot. The key to this season will be Michael Vick. If he can actually buy into the west coast offense and play quarterback as opposed to running around like a maniac and throwing side arm to Alge Crumpler then the Falcons have a shot at being very good. My prediction is that Vick doesn’t buy into the program and by Week 6 Matt Shaub bercomes the starter and leads them to the playoffs.

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 9-7

This was the team I had the toughest time getting a read on. John Gruden is one of the best coaches in the game. We expect Chris Simms and Carnell Williams to get better. David Boston was signed to play wide receiver next to Joey Galloway and Michael Clayton and his presence should mean that more Bucs players will get their hands on the performance enhancing drugs they need to succeed. The offensive line, which has been the weak link on the Bucs, should be better with the additions of monster rookie guard Davin Joseph. We worry this will be the year age will catch up with the Bucs defense but if Derrick Brooks, Ronde Barber and Anthony McFarland can still be as producitve as they have in the past, this team has the potential to make it very far.

4) New Orleans Saints – 5-11

They finally dumped Aaron Brooks and picked up Drew Brees, who if his arm strength recovers from shoulder surgery will bring much needed stability to the Saints franchise. We believe Reggie Bush will be great and we like the skill position players the Saints have. I just question whether they have enough on either the offensive line or on the defense to make much noise in a tough division. They lost LeCharles Bentley and Darren Howard in the off-season and didn’t adequately replace them.

let’s go to red lobster andre

August 29, 2006


We’re not getting the highest ratings on our tennis binge but frankly we don’t care. It’s the US Open and it is Agassi’s last tournament and we’ll genuinely miss the guy once he leaves center court.

Today brought us another great tennis story from the New York Times (and a photo montage of Agassi’s hair over the years).

“While playing a trivia game online to pass the time before a match, Agassi came upon a question he was sure he would ace: “Who is the only woman to win a Grand Slam final 6-0, 6-0?” The choices were Graf, Helen Wills Moody, Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova.

Agassi turned to Graf, who was in the room, and asked, “Did you ever win a Grand Slam final love and love?” She answered, “No, I don’t think so.” Agassi picked Moody, but the answer was Graf, who beat Natasha Zvereva at the 1988 French Open. Agassi turned to her and said, “How could you not remember that?” Her answer was telling. She said she did not commit the details to memory because she never wanted tennis to matter that much.

“That’s why those two are perfect for each other,” Rogers said.

our new US Open favorite

August 29, 2006

Dmitry Tursunov, otherwise known as the Richard Pryor of blogging:


Finally an athlete who knows how to use a blog properly — we love the trashtalking of Roger Federer and his cows and making Thomas Zib jokes.

NFC North Predictions

August 28, 2006


1) Chicago Bears – 10-6

The Bears hold on to the top spot in the NFC Central mostly because the rest of the division really sucks. We expect Brian Griese to be named the starting quarterback any day now, followed by Thomas Jones as starting running back. And Mark Bradley making a recovery from a torn ACL should help the passing game. A conservative approach on offense combined with a still dominant defensive unit should yield enough wins to take the division. This team has first round playoff loss written all over it.

2) Minnesota Vikings – 8-8

We almost picked the Vikings to win the division. Having a coach with brain as opposed to Mike Tice should provide a seriousl upgrade. Brad Johnson is capable of running the west coast offense. Chester Taylor is an underrated running back who should run for over 1200 yards behind Steve Hutchinson and Bryant Mckinnie anchoring the left side of the offensive line. But the losses of Koren Robinson and Chad Greenway during preseason leave the wide receiver and linebacker corps too weak to make much of an impact. Their offense won’t be able to stretch the field and their back seven won’t be a good enough backstop for their talented defensive line to win more then half their games.

3) Green Bay Packers – 7-9

When Brett Farve declared that this Packers team was the most talented he had been around it forced us to take another look. The defense, which had consistently been one of the worst in the league, looks to have upgraded itself slightly with the drafting of AJ Hawk and Abdul Hodge and the free agent signings of Charles Woodson, Marquand Manuel and Ryan Pickett. Donald Driver, Brett Farve and Ahman Green can still play above average football. The biggest problem with this team is the poor Offensive Line, which can’t protect Brett Farve and consequently means you can bank on 3 turnovers a game from either interceptions or quarterback fumbles. Combine this with a new coaching staff and Green Bay will finish near the bottom of the division.

4) Detroit Lions – 5-11

Sure, offensive coordinator Mike Martz comes with a thousand different offensive plays but he also is one of the worst playcallers we have seen, using trick plays far too often and relying too much on his passing game in third and short situations. What will make matters even worse for him in Detroit is that he doesn’t have the players at the skill positions who can make plays for him like Warner, Bulger, Faulk, Holt and Bruce did in St. Louis. We are glad Detroit finally got a head coach in Rod Marinelli who will instill some discipline and toughness but they are at least a year or two away from making noise. A good season for Detroit will be judged by whether after Week 17 General Manager Matt Millen is given a pink slip.