It’s Electric- Boogie Woogie Woogie


Maurice Clarett likes his new lawyers. He likes them so much that he’s trying to find new ways to keep them around.

Early Wednesday morning, Maurice Clarett was maced to the ground by Ohio police for trying to evade them after he made an illegal turn. Police found a loaded shot gun and three loaded handguns in the front of Clarett’s SUV. What’s more, police had to mace Clarett because three attempts to taze him failed. And why couldn’t Clarett be tazed? Oh, no real reason. He just happened to be wearing a bullet proof vest!!! You know, in case anyone tries to taze him.

During the chase, Clarett ran over a spike strip and blew out two tires but kept driving. If the police had a bit more foresight, they would have laid down some tires and pulled out a stopwatch. If our memory serves, that combination slowed Clarett considerably had his last NFL Combine.

Can you hear that sound? That’s the chilling death rattle of the Eastern Indoor Football Leauge.

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