Antawn “newcomb” Jamison


With the unfortunate injury to one of our favorite ballers Gilbert Arenas, we are down to 13 players for 12 spots on Team USA’s World Basketball Championship. This means that one talented player will be sent packing from Asia.

Injuries have taken its toll on Team USA. First it was Paul Pierce, then Kobe, and then Sean Marion. Not to mention Amare and JJ Redick. And now Arenas. Rebuilding Year never likes to gossip or speculate but this rash of injuries makes us wonder if an undeserving member of the team might be up to some shenanigans Tonya Harding style in order to ensure that they make Team USA.

If we were Coack K besides having a higher limit on our American Express card we’d send Antawn Jamison back to America and keep Bruce Bowen. Bruce can’t shoot worth shit and has lost a step but he has some experience guarding Manu Ginobili in practice every day, which we expect will come in handy when the USA plays Argentina in the finals.

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