the great american bash


No, you guessed wrong. That’s not a picture of the Special Olympics. It is Puerto Rico’s Daniel Santiago practicing during the team’s official training session of the Group D preliminary round in the World Basketball Championship. Finally Brad Miller will be able to guard a player goofier looking then him.

Start brewing the coffee at about Midnight since the Puerto Ricans take on the USA in the first round of the World Basketball Championships tonight at 1 AM EST.

We’re not buying the USA haters talk that Coach K’s men will falter. Chris Sheridan just hates America and our freedoms. D-Wade and Lebron are too clutch to let the USA lose. No team gets within ten points of them.

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3 Comments on “the great american bash”

  1. Jon Solomon Says:

    No team gets within ten nine points of them.

  2. Josh Says:

    It was ten. Funny stuff over at international scorers tabel. Melo’s foot wasn’t on the line.

  3. […] We predicted that Team USA would not win by less then ten points and were immediately proven wrong. With that in mind it’s time for Rebuilding Year’s almost certain to be inaccurate Pro Football predictions. We’ll start with the AFC East: […]

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