so let me get this straight


Almost a decade ago Latrell Spreewell, then of the Golden State Warriors, in a fit of anger chokes his head coach PJ Carlesimo and throws a punch. He’s cut by the Warriors and more importantly suspended by the NBA for a year.

Fast forward to yesterday when Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons confronts and throws punches at his pitcher Ted Lily. It’s been 24 hours and Gibbons has not yet been repirmanded by either Major League Baseball or the Toronto Blue Jays. The media doesn’t seem to be making too big of a deal out of it.

Where’s the outrage?

We hate to be all Cornell West here but one wonders if the race of the participants is playing a factor in the lack of response from baseball. Had Lastings Miledge attacked Tommy Lasorda (i’m not suggesting this isn’t a good idea), would no punishment besides the wrath of Phil Mushnick been handed down?

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