what about the ponies?


I was recalling fondly last night how much I loved going to the race track as a young lad. It was there I learned great phrases like “failed to menace” and what it meant to make a stewards inquiry. Miami was more conducive then Ohio for going to see the horses but still once or twice a year I like to skip work and head to the Thistledown track and bet a few dollars on the races, watch the simulcasts, breath in the cigar smoke and enjoy a kosher hot dog.

As I shared my love of trifectas and maiden races with my table they all looked at me like I was a lunatic. This reaction caused me to worry about the future of horse racing with younger generations.

Rebuilding Year readers chime in: Why is it that the crowd at horse racing is almost entirely ages 60 and over? Is it really any less exciting or marketable then NASCAR, which five years ago was considered a hillbilly sport and now is relatively mainstream and making a ton of money? What can horseracing do to appeal to more people? How can the sport change?

For me, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon after faking migranes and leaving work early and has the same quiet enjoyment value as a baseball game.

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