what we learned on Thursday night


We learned that Al Michaels and John Madden are still putzes (is that the plural of putz?). Blaming Nick Saban for not throwing the red flag sooner is an absurd argument. First, he threw it at least three seconds before the snap of the ball. He should take as much time as he can to make sure he has the right read on what happened. It isn’t like the red flag hit the ground simultenous to the ball being snapped.

What should have happened is that some official in the replay booth should have buzzed the refs and declared there’s been a challenge. You can’t expect the ref to see the flag and watch the play so you need a backup plan in place. The NFL should be more interested in getting the call right and less interested in pre-game concerts with some band named the Rascal Flats. We like the College Football system of instant replay. Have a referee in the booth buzz the referee on the field when it looks like a call has been missed. This system works perfectly in the games we’ve seen.

Or take for example the WWE. When one official misses a foreign object being used or manager interference, another referee has the right to step in and restart the match.

And what is the NFL suggesting Saban have done instead? Run on the field like a maniac. What if the play had begun and Saban got in the way of the play? Is the NFL really saying that a coach can enter the field of play if he has a red flag in his hand but without the red flag he’s committing unsportsmanlike conduct?

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2 Comments on “what we learned on Thursday night”

  1. Soccer Spot Says:

    Absurd how that didn’t get reviewed. And then the way Madden and Al Michaels just sort of thought it was funny rather than a complete breakdown of the system was basically the final straw in whether or not I muted them for the rest of the season. Every freakin’ year I just assume that someone will wise up and ditch John Madden and his no-flying rules in favor of someone with a half-decent ability to formulate complete thoughts. Instead of being outraged that a call had been missed they mad fat jokes. Wow.

    This season is going to be fantastic.

  2. Josh Says:

    Madden is awful. I prefer Dennis Miller to his shtick.

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