Yet another Bush accepting shady money


“Boom-Boom,! You just got scooped by YahooSports! Boom-Boom, Pat Forde! YahooSports!”

Such were the cries from the YahooSports office (if they even have an office) when they broke the story of Reggie Bush accepting dirty, filthy money from college boosters, would-be agents and some guy in New Jersey that runs a baseball card shop. Bush’s agent, Mike Ornstein, told the world in a wonderful Rickey Henderson-esque ramble that, “Reggie Bush never received an extra benefit from Mike Ornstein other than what he was allowed to get from the NCAA when he worked with us. I feel pretty damn good about that.” As well you should, Mike. We also feel good about not slapping babies and giving unwilling elderly ladies the old give-and-go; upstanding citizens are hard to find these days.

The laundry list of Bush-recieved items is a real bucket of love too. Apart from the hotel room for his Bush’s Grandpappy and the settling of ” a pre-existing debt,” our favorite is $13,000 “to purchase and modify a car.” Imagine Bush in a riced-out ’96 Civic. Please. Just imagine it. This almost rival’s Mrs. Kobe’s automatic Lamborghini. Almost.

Really, we could care less that this whole discussion is prefaced with “appears to have accepted.” Doesn’t matter. Guilty until proven innocent. Welcome to modern sports.

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