student athletes

Thanks to Can’t Stop the Bleeding for pointing us in the direction of some of the worst sports broadcasting we have heard. At least Lamar Thomas, the culprit/commentator, stops short of accusing FIU of stealing his wallet.

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3 Comments on “student athletes”

  1. It’s taken a little over a decade, but it’s nice to see Miami return to form. If anything, it’s the most life the team has shown this season. And by “most life” I mean “insane propensity to commit violence”.

  2. Isaiah Says:

    “You don’t come into the OB, baby…you don’t come in here talkin’ smack…we ready! we ready!”

    Ah…reminds me of quotes from high school…except we would have been thoroughly humilitated physically, besides the absurdity of fighting on a sports field.

  3. Josh Says:

    Guys like Ed Reed, Dan Morgan, Dorsey — they wouldn’t have even cared what jabronis like FIU were doing. Shows how pathetic the U has become. Ultimately the fault lies with the AD who needed to have dropped Coker years ago. Whatever one thinks of Butch’s job w/ the Browns, the guy could recruit and coach college kids. The winner in all this is Urban Meyer who now can get all the best Florida kids with the Bowden and Coker as lame ducks. They’re bound to win a championship in the next 4 years.

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