GQ continues to do an excellent job covering Basketball. First it was the sports journalism story of the year on NBA groupies and women desperate enough to have intercourse with Jerome James And now Gentlemen’s Quarterly has brought us this great story on Dwade:

I was thinking that when you cross over your dribble and paralyze your defender and then explode into the lane and elevate toward the hoop—and especially when you then have to make spontaneous adjustments in midair that seem proof of your take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward the laws governing our universe—well, it seems to me that at those moments you’ve transcended basketball and are existing in a realm of pure physical grace, and that this grace has to do with raw athletic ability, for sure, but is also a function of your being (and I don’t mean anything gay by this) an extraordinarily attractive human specimen. What do you think?

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One Comment on “dwade”

  1. There is even some NEO love in GQ this month with the story of the writer going back to Shaker Heights High School. I still like Chris Jones from Esquire, though.

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