bedding barry manillow would really make it a holy trinity


The Chicago Sun-Times has an in-depth profile on a woman who has had intercourse with both Brian Ulracher of the Chicago Bears & Michael Flatley of Lord of the Riverdance. The photo above is of her describing Ulracher’s genitals.

As for Urlacher, Robertson met him at a Chicago nightclub, where they hit it off and talked all night long. “He was nervous and shy and everything. Mr. Suave he’s not,” she said.They dated for a bit, but Robertson had her eye on someone else.

“I told Brian to kick rocks,” she said. “Then I found out I was pregnant.”

Robertson said when she broke the news to Urlacher, he asked her to have an abortion. When she refused, Urlacher asked her to move out of state, according to a court filing that includes a series of text messages that Urlacher — who has two daughters — allegedly sent to Robertson.

One message allegedly sent on Nov. 10, 2004, reads: “UR right I don’t want anymore kids and its 2 bad U want 2 bring a child into this situation when it could B avoided,” court records show.

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One Comment on “bedding barry manillow would really make it a holy trinity”

  1. […] Obviously there’s no love lost around these parts for any member of the Chicago Bears, least of all Brian Urlacher. On the other hand, I would never wish this kind of psycho dilemma on anybody. (Thanks to for the link.) […]

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