if we knew then what we know now


Denver doesn’t get enough pressure from their front 4 to beat Indianapolis.

The only team in the AFC that could give Indy a run is San Diego, whose 3-4 can best mimic the Steelers and Patriots approach against Payton in year’s past. If only someone could liberate Mary Schottenheimer from Marty Schottenheimer by January.

It’s good to see Shawn Merriman get as many sacks as possible before the steroids fully leave his system.

Carolina’s defense is living off of reputation alone. They miss Dan Morgan.

If the Falcons can get John Abraham healthy, they’ll be dangerous come January.

The move to Tony Romo was really the only decision Parcells could have made. The Cowboys have no left tackle and Bledsoe can’t throw while under pressure. It may backfire but if Romo develops it might make the Cowboys the Super-Bowl favorites (Sorry Chicago) out of a weak NFC.

Byron Leftwich shouldn’t start again this year for Jacksonville unless David Garrard gets hurt. Garrard can get you a few extra points a game with his mobility and those three to six extra points are a huge margin for Jacksonville.

Cincinnati still has no defense. No defense means no wins in the playoffs.

Damon Huard might be the most unbelievable story of 2006. He hadn’t taken a snap in six years and how has the Chiefs back in contention.

What happened to Seattle’s defense? Julian Peterson is playing well. They returned nearly everybody else. And now they can’t stop anyone. We welcome explanations.

Al Michaels & John Madden reported last night that Tony Romo got dumped by his girlfriend last week after the loss to the Giants. Note to Woman: Reconsider.

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