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AI is no Jackie Butler:

From today’s Page Six:

November 11, 2006 — ALLEN Iverson isn’t just one of the great basketball stars of our time – he’s also a tireless slam-dunk in the bedroom, according to one of his ex-lovers.
In her autobiography, “It’s No Secret,” out this month from Pocket Books, former Def Jam Records office worker Carmen Bryan tells of her X-rated romps with hip-hop legends Jay-Z and Nas, with whom she has a child. But she saves her most gushing praise for Iverson, the 6-foot-tall Philadelphia 76ers guard, whom she labels a “lean and muscled” sexual “warrior.”

“Just looking at him got me excited . . . He was so physically strong he thought nothing of picking me up and creating the most erotic of poses,” writes Bryan about their first night of passion in a hotel. Even after Iverson exhausted her, he was instantly ready for more.

“In Round 2, he picked me up and swiftly carried me over to a table, perching me on its edge . . . holding me up by my hips and lower back.” Exhausted, Bryan said she tried to rest, but Iverson snapped, “You think we’re done? Oh, we ain’t done!”

The staff of Rebuilding Year are impressed by AI’s prowess but wonder what Allen Iverson’s wife, Tawanna Turner, has to say about this?

We’re also trying to reach the adultress Carmen to find out more about how the conversation was between she and AI, but so far no return call has been made to Rebuilding Year’s offices.

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One Comment on “post moves”

  1. dan marjele Says:

    iverson and bobby jones to miami for jason willams, haslem, and posey.

    espn – you heard it here first šŸ™‚

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