If we did it….


The latest Judith Regan project got Rebuilding Year thinking of publishing our own little novella: If We Did It: Just What Would It Take to Make Antoinne Walker “Go Away” (or at least get traded to the Atlanta Hawks) .

Hypothetically speaking we could:

a) put land mines around the three point line that are set to activate whenver Tonie hoists up yet another long range shot outside of his range with 20 seconds left on the shot clock

b) cut off his hands as punishment for stealing the Larry O’Brien trophy

c) place shiny reflective mirrors on the basketball court so when he puts his head down and drives to the basket like a bull in a china shop, he will be blinded for life.

d) introduce him to the “real killers” of Nicole Simpson

PS: How long did it take to find enough footage for this

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One Comment on “If we did it….”

  1. Welcome to the party. Walker is not a good basketball player.

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