giving credit where credit is due


We never thought we’d write this but Isiah was right. Greg Anthony does in fact have shit for brains. He recently wrote on that he would pick Kobe over Wade because Kobe possesses a superior killer instinct. What? Questioning Dwade’s killer instinct is like doubting Patrick Ewing’s penile endowment.

Did Mr. Fuji throw salt in Anthony’s eyes during last year’s playoffs? Is he confusing a killer instinct on the basketball court with a killer instinct in an Aspen hotel room. Last time I checked DWade carried his team to the championship and dominated forth quarters like no player since MJ, while Kobe shot only three times in the second half of last year’s Game Seven loss to Phoenix.

We appreciate the effortlessness that Kobe plays with and that his game has evolved over time, but let’s not tear down Dwade to boost up Number 24. And let’s hope in the future that Anthony thinks before he speaks so that we don’t conclude that Larry Johnson was the brains of the UNLV basketball team.

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