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January 28, 2007


Our new favorite website. Let’s hope Chris Kaman’s lady-friend picks up the hint.

Michael Jordan is definately the best sex that I ever had. However, there is more to the story than that, as sex creates very strong emotions and bonds between people. As I have said in the past, sex is the ultimate expression of love. Every sexual encounter is an opportunity to bring more than just two people together but whole families, who may be from very different backgrounds. Along with that, you bring together a circle of friends and potential business contacts, as long as that relationship has not been abused. In my story, you will hear of friends trying to overstep their boundaries and take on the role of a parent or even try and take over my spot. It was devasting for me to feel constantly challenged in my relationship with Michael Jordan by people who were claiming to be friends and were only around my under the pretense that they WERE a friend. I am in my 30’s and it was tough and was employed the whole time that I dated MJ. I met MJ at 26 yrs of age. I like anyone else look for love, not a famous man.


we have a bad feeling about this

January 11, 2007


All of this talk of a Steve Francis buyout hasĀ us ready to predict that six months from now, Isiah will re-sign him to a max deal.

yao’s ming

January 10, 2007


The details are here

The Invisible Man

January 9, 2007

From Sunday night’s Celtics-Magic game:

Rondo: Min-0, FG-0, GA-0, FT-0, TA-0, OR-0, TR-0, A-0, PF-1, Pt-0

Nice to see Rondo made his presence known.

she’s better on defense then anyone on the Dallas Mavs

January 8, 2007

DWADE’s rumored mistress

We previously, with the help of Media Take Out reported on Dwayne Wade’s wife’s mammory glands. Now we provide the follow-up which suggests that Mrs. Wade is entering Jackie Christie territory and that Michael Doleac might have a “road-wife”.

January 4. NBA defenses have struggled all season to control Dwayne Wade on the court. But the NBA superstar’s wife seems to have figured out a way to control him off the court. has learned that Dwayne’s wife has turned to desperate measures to make sure that he stays spoke exclusively with a member of the Miami Heat organization who claims that Siovaughn Wade has laid down the gauntlet to her superstar husband. The source tells, “Siouvaughn has become extremely controlling. She doesn’t even allow Dwayne to hang out with his teammates anymore … and he has to constantly call her when [the team] is on the road.”

Siovaughn’s tough new measures seem to be aimed at stopping Dwayne Wade from following in the footsteps of dozens of NBA players who have taken up “road wives.” The source tells, “a couple of guys [on the Miami Heat] have taken up ‘road wives’ – that’s when the players bring a woman [who is not their wife] to live with them while they’re on the road.” The tipster added, “it used to be that only a couple of players had one, but now they’re everywhere … it’s getting so bad that one player even requested that his ‘road wife’ fly with the team on their private jet.”

So far Siovaughn’s crackdown appears to be working. Earlier this year Dwayne was rumored to be romantically involved with Flavor Of Love star Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander. Now the tipster tells that Dwayne is 100% faithful. The tipster explains, “I know it sounds crazy, but Dwayne is too scared to screw around with anyone … if [Siovaughn] keeps it up, she may become the first NBA wife in a monogamous relationship.”

a picture speaks a thousand words

January 4, 2007


it’s contageous, worse then Lou Gehrigs

January 4, 2007


ESPN is reporting that Riley is suffering from knee pain, which is idiomatic for ‘Toine Walker Disease