A Night at the Garden


 On Wednesday night, half the RY crew went to the Celtics-Nuggets game at the TD Banknorth Garden or, as Jeff Van Gundy likes to call it, “What’s this place called again?” While there, we took some digital fotografs. Please, enjoy these with your eyes.

Photos after the jump.

Let this be said right now: I have never seen a more exciting pre-game display than what the Celtics put together this year. Forget all the fireworks. Forget the flashing lights. Forget the video clips of Kendrick Perkins throwing down. The moment when Lux Aeterna abruptly stops and the jumbotron fills with the image of Kevin Garnett unleashing a primal scream  made me ask myself some very hard questions on the ride home.  


What do you think got the most negative reaction from the crowd? Iverson’s introduction? A bad call against Garnett? The beer stands closing? Oh no. It was a complete wild card: “And here to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” recording artist and American Idol finalist, Elliot Yamin!”


Is there anyone creepier to have on the outside of the huddle than Scot Pollard? I’m pretty sure I saw him sneak up on Big Baby Davis at least twice.


First Tim Donaghy joke from the guy behind me: 4:11 left in the 1st


Second Tim Donaghy joke from the guy behind me: 3:59 left in the 1st


I can’t tell if the Celtics Dancers are actually attractive. When you see close-up photographs of them, most look like the kind of girls who show up at the bar with the guy wearing the St. Christopher medallion but when they’re dancing, nothing else matters. Even from 90 yards away.


One of many “Are you as happy to be here as I am?” conversations among the Less Big 11.


This is the time people start thinking about their fourth beer. Other people. Not me. And no, the pictures are NOT out of focus.


While I’m not against the Celtics Dancers, it must be said that the rest of the arena hype team is terrible. There’s a smug leprechaun mascot who jumps around and holds up signs saying “Make Some Noise!” when the crowd is already cheering. There’s “The Coach,” the Stephen A. Smith of the jumbotron. And then there’s this girl. “HEY!” And don’t go thinking the other side says something else. That’s a double-sided “HEY!” sign, my friends. That’s all she’s got. “HEY!” I spent so much time trying to figure out the logical underpinnings of this sign, I missed my chance to snap photos of the girls with “WHAT’VE YOU BEEN UP TOO?” and “WE SHOULD GET LUNCH SOMETIME!” signs.




This man was the second most popular jumbotron feature of the night. Red Sox first-basement and Gold Glove winner Kevin Youkilis sat court-side for most of the game and his jumbotron shot got a standing O but it took a local folk hero to top Old Dancing Man in a Holiday Sweater. Yes, the rout is on.


If you ever wanted a sign that Celtics fans are feeling pretty comfortable with their new team, here it is: a guy in a custom-made Brian Scalabrine jersey. Last year when he was playing 24 minutes and bricking 4 threes a game, he was a joke. Now, he’s still a joke but a joke people actually like. He’s gone from “Interrupting Cow” to “Do you really think I asked for a 12-inch pianist?”


Fact: The Boston Celtics gave Allan Ray, a player now hoisting treys in Europe, significant crunch-time minutes last season. Fact: Doc Rivers still looks as confused and manic as ever. Fact: Less than a year ago, Celtics fans spent more time cheering for someone else’s center (Greg Oden) than their own. Times have changed.


When I said Youkilis and Old Dancing Man in a Holiday Sweater were the two most popular jumbotron features, I should have clarified: They were the two most popular LIVE features. Screaming KG gets a pretty big pop but the biggest was reserved for Gino. Who’s Gino, you ask? Little is known of Gino other than his appearances on American Bandstand. The Celtics splice stock footage of AB clips with live footage of dancing fans during 4th quarter timeouts; this was the genesis of Gino. Now groups of drunk guys chant “We want Gino!” before the 4th even starts. Yes, this all sounds ridiculous but, much like hiking Kilimanjaro or floating in the Dead Sea, once you’ve experienced Gino, you achieve some deeper level of understanding: Zen and the Art of Beard Maintenance.


One complaint: STOP USING THAT “SHIPPING UP TO BOSTON” SONG FOR EVERYTHING RELATED TO BOSTON!!! It was fine when Jonathan Papelbon used it as his theme song but now it’s everywhere. They’ve started playing it for Celtic wins and it sours the experience slightly; the dinner was so lovely but I think I found a hair in my tiramisu…


Highlights: Rajon Rondo picking Allen Iverson’s pocket a few times early in the game followed by Iverson driving against Rondo every chance he got only to be shut down by Boston’s D. The crown chanting “Sca-La-Bri-Ne!” for most of the 4th quarter garbage time. Von Wafer.

Lowlights: A disappointing showing from Carmello. Very little James Posey. Watching most of the game hungry because every dining option was some permutation of this:


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m spent.

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