Getting “High” on the “Green” vs the “Nugs”

Half the Rebuilding Year crew (read: one guy and that guy’s buddy who doesn’t work for the site but is a pretty good guy overall) is heading to the Boston TD FleetBankNorth Center Garden tonight to watch the Celts play the Nuggets. We’ll do our best to take some quality snaps for your viewing pleasure. If you’re lucky, we’ll rip off Simmons and do a whole blow-by-blow diary of the thing.

Things we’ll be looking for tonight:

  • That pretty behind-the-back pass Garnett uses to feed Kendrick Perkins under the hoop
  • That classic bring it up/ jack it up maneuver A.I. is executing oh so well this year
  • Kenyon Martin’s knees
  • Rajon Rondo’s jumper
  • Brian Scalabrine sinking buckets from halfcourt
  • George Karl’s smiling face
  • The far-off sound of Steven A. choking on his “Quite frankly, the Nuggets will win the West.”

Look for us in the crowd. We’ll be the semi-sober guys not named “Sully.”

(Bigs ups to Willie J. from Reed College for the headline idea. You’re the man, man.)

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