Yesterday’s News


 The outlook was bleak. The Indiana All-Whites had a stranglehold on the Eastern Conference. All seems to be lost. What heroes could emerge to defeat the undefeated? To cripple the caucasians? To turn their homeland’s attention back to a shill good ‘ol boy and cars driving in circles? What ho! Goblin King Cassell and The Ogre Kaman approach in the distance! Today is a fine day indeed! (Clippers over Indiana, 104-89; Cassell lead with 35 pts and Kaman pulled down 22)

 Three Hawks hit the double-double and one who didn’t, rookie Al Horford, finished with 15 rebounds in a 105-96 win over the Suns. Horford should play more. The Suns are crazy thin in the middle. Salim Stoudamire just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance.

 Close one in Big Love City. LeBron finished with a triple-double but the Cavs left the floor two short in a 103-101 loss to the Jazz. And as a subtle “fuck you” to Mike Brown and Cleveland’s non-existent depth, Jerry Sloan played every man on his bench. While we can’t prove it was really to fuck with Mike Brown rather than to win the game, we’re pretty sure it at least entered his mind.

 Magic beat the Raptors 105-96.  All five starting Magicians finished with ten points or more behind Hedo Turkoglu’s 24 and 15. David Stern must have been a-titter as eight different countries were represented on the floor – nine if you agree Bo Outlaw is a sovereign nation.

 Celts over Nuggets. We’ll get to this one later.

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