It’s fashionable to rag on the Cavs this year but so far I’ve been impressed.

Lebron James worked on his game over the summer. The rotation on his jump shot looks much improved.

Gibson isn’t much of a Point Guard but he’s showing that his long distance shooting during last year’s playoffs wasn’t a fluke. His success means Larry Hughes can move to the bench and miss the majority of his shots when Lebron is not in the game, thereby causing less frustration for Cleveland fans.

Sasha Pavlovic scored 17 points in his first game back from Serbia. He and Devin Brown should provide more production from the SG/SF slot this year.

We know Z can’t defend, Mike Brown can’t coach and Damon Jones still has a lame crib, but assuming Snow and Varejao make it back, Cleveland can be a top 3 team in the East. That’s probably the best they can reasonably expect until Damon Jones, Larry Hughes and Z’s contracts comes off the books.

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