Spreading rumors worse then Sam Smith


 Has anyone noticed how the Hawks resemble the Bulls of a few years ago? A young, talented team with a bunch of players who seem to overlap skill sets. A ton of guys who fill up stat sheets but not that one player who you want with the ball in their hands at the end of Game 7.

Perhaps Atlanta could avoid the weak-kneed pacifism that infected the Bulls management and make a trade now to balance out their team and take the next step forward.

Kobe to the Hawks? It isn’t so crazy for either side.

Atlanta has the talent to make this happen and have a pretty nice team for the future. How about Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and a pick or cap filler for Kobe? LA would end up with an interesting young nucleus and Atlanta would field a young comptitive team which could make noise for years to come

Acie Law the XIV
Kobe Bryant
Joshua Childress
Marvin Williams
Al Tito Horford

Tyrone Lue
Speedy Claxton
Anthony Johnson
Shelden Williams
Zaza Pachiulla
Lorenzen Wright

That team might be a title contender within a year or two.

What better offers will the Lakers get? Unless the Suns are willing to move Marion and Barbosa, Josh Smith and Joe Johnson is a better package then Ben Gordon and Tyrus Thomas.

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