Thirsty Women All Up Under Him

Who: Siohvaughn Wade

What: Being pissed that her man Dwayne Wade is running around with other girls

Why: Because her man Dwayne Wade is running around with other girls

The next episode in the Wade vs. Wade custody battle over Dwayne’s johnson is in full swing. Word on the street is Gabrielle Union were planning on flying to Miami to help D Wade with his rehab. When Siohvaughn found out, she was ready to leave. Wade tipped off Union and the asignation was called off but the damage was already done. An unnamed member of the family states “Dwayne and Siohvaughn have been trying to work out their marriage, but it’s hard to do that when there are so many thirsty women all up under him.”

 All up under him? I can’t tell if this is a figure of speech or not. Is Dwayne really lying all over groupies while Siohvaughn talks about her feelings? Replacing the furniture with eager young things and B-list movie stars? Those years with Shaq are starting to take hold.

 Dwayne and Siohvaughn, may we make a suggestion?

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3 Comments on “Thirsty Women All Up Under Him”

  1. Dchayla wilson Says:

    U need Me!!!!

    Koolaid Jammers!!

  2. Good Advisor Says:

    Siohvaughn should have seen this coming. D Wade is young and she ALWAYS looks a hott mess in public!!!! She looks old enough to be his MOTHER!

  3. Ms. Saquetta Says:

    Nothing phases me these days as professional athletes continue to tramp around. I bet there isn’t one honest/faithful” man in any major league sport right now. Groupies, wives, whatever you call them must understand that “side pieces” comes with the territority. The are great atheletes, fun to watch but human like you and I. I’ve raised my daughters and patients to be beter them/not like them. KARMA’s a trip when it comes back and bites you in the azz. At least as adults be responsible and keep it clean.

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