Vote Arenas ’08

Agent Zero needed your vote (No, not like this.) and the Zerologists came out in full force. Our man Gil just netted the Best Celebrity Blog award, a nebulous distinction determined by a popular vote and conferred by a heretofore unaccredited board of internet regents. It should be noted the term “celebrity” is being bandied around very loosely; the primary competition was Wil Wheaton from Star Trek, a phenomenon Gil attributes to  Star Trekfans, “sitting online in their parents’ house with their long hair and they’re sitting there voting for someone that nobody has heard of besides them.” Oh my brother, testify.

Arenas appraised the field thus: Look at my competition. John Mayer? Who is he? Then you have Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump and that’s not fair because Donald talks about Rosie and Rosie talks about Donald. Ross Matthews … yeah, don’t know him. Kanye West … Kanye has a blog? We’d never heard of Ross Mathews either and a quick trip to his blog explains why. Seems to be some sort of old lady dressed in a guy suit.

So three cheers, Gilbert Nation. Because of you, Gil will continue “doing more blogs.” This Bud’s for you.

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