Yesterday’s News


 Mavs over Warriors, 120-115. All the talk is about how the Mavs “finally did it,” like this is the Cubs winning the World Series or Ron Paul getting elected as President. Three of the four quarters were virtually equal, they gave up 37 points to Baron Davis, 15 in the 4th, and almost coughed it up against a team with 10 players in uniform. I wouldn’t feel to comfortable if I were Dirk. No, not just because of the German thing.  

 Rasheed Walace dropped 36 on the Bulls in a 97-93 Pistons loss. “Regardless of my game, it ended in an `L,’ ” Wallace said. “I’m old school so it didn’t matter what I did, the team lost the game.” When did wanting to win become old school? This isn’t coach-pitch little league. This is THE League, buster. Where amazing happens.

 The Nets went small and it paid off, beating the Wizards 87-85. How bad do the Wizards look? No one is moving the ball, they’re taking a lot of low percentage shots and struggling on D. Arenas: “It’s embarrassing to start off 0-4.” Especially when you’ve blog-predicted you’d be 4-0. Ooooooooooooh Snap!

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