Can anyone explain why Juan Carlos Navarro can be such an exceptionally gifted player in international basketball and lead the Spainards along with Pau Gasol to a gold medal at the Olympics, but he can’t manage to get more then 5 minutes a game playing for an average Memphis Grizzlies squad? Maybe Memphis needs to paint a trapezoid on the Fed Ex Forum stadium in order to get the bearded JC going?

And why are the Grizzlies even bothering playing the second best Stoudamire in the NBA when they have Kyle Lowry and Mike Conley at the PG spot? Doesn’t Stoudamire’s trade potential to a point guard starved team (Cleveland, Miami) diminish every time he’s on the court?

It’s early in the season but when you are in a division with Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and New Orleans, it’s time to play the young guys and begin evaluating the players you think will make your core roster 2-3 years from now.

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