Roundball Roundtable: Early Buy-Out Candidates


Joining us for this Roundball Roundtable are Joel Witmer of The Disappointment Zone and Bad Larry of Doome.

PC: The first guy on the list has to be Damon Stoudamire. Memphis isn’t  going anywhere this season. Everyone knows it. This year is all about  the education of young players (Conley, Lowry, Gay, Darko) and working out the offense. In this, Stoudamire is a hindrance. The Grizz have plenty of point men to take over after the buy-out. They have two good young PG prospects in Lowry and Conley, who look like great ball handlers for their age. Mike Miller can play some point if needed though they need him as a scoring threat. Also, they have a wild card in Juan Carlos Navarro. No one is sure if his international skills will translate to the NBA; the only way to find out is by giving him minutes. 

With Mark Iavaroni holding the clipboard, this is another of the up-tempo new breed. Memphis won’t try to run you off the floor but they’ll keep the ball moving, take plenty of shots and look to their point man to pass-first, shoot-second. Considering neither Conley or Lowry are great shooters, this system works to their benefit. When they do shoot, they should have some decent looks as they won’t be a huge defensive focus. That should help build confidence and let them work on their stroke.  Teaching this offense should be top priority, not trying to eek out a few more Ws with Damon at the helm. At a little over $9 mil for the next two years, he’s not a payroll albatross but that’s not why he needs to be off the court. If a trade can’t be worked out, Memphis needs to pull the string.

JR: I would say Walker and Marbury are more unmovable and need to get cut. I think Stoudameire could have some value to a team down the stretch, so I wouldn’t pay him off just yet. I would also rank Jerome James above Stoudameire if I were starting a list.

BL: Shaq.

JR: Keep in mind if you buy out a contract it still counts against the cap. Is Shaq such a bad influence around the team that you would get rid of him? The question isn’t who has the worst contract but whose status and contract are so bad that they need to be paid not to play because they have terrible attitudes and can’t be moved. That’s why Stoudameire and Shaq are absurd choices for a buy-out. Marbury has a bad attidude and destroys this team. Jerome James never plays and destroys the Knicks buffet spread. Walker is also a bad apple and should get bought out before he eats too much of the rotisserie chickenBen Wallace’s contract is also absurd but would you suggest the Bulls get rid of him? of course not

JW: Concerning Stoudamire and Memphis, I think he still has utility for the Grizzlies, at least for the moment. Conley, Lowry, and Navarro still need a healthy dose of practice-time tutelage and Stoudamire can inoculate the young guys from the pressures of leading a team too soon. That’s his utility. He’s not the answer at PG for Memphis — they’ll eventually need someone who can actually defend and distribute the ball — but for the time being the Grizzlies are better off suffering through a few months of Stoudamire than rushing any of their young talent. I’d try to dump him by the trade deadline, though. By that point one of those three young guys should be in position to step in and do some on-the-job learning.

It’s time for Marbury to head to Italy and Miami cannot be happy with the $60 million bill they face over the next three seasons, but without Shaq Miami is a lesser version of the Cavs.

PC: Assuming the Knicks move Marbury, who takes over the point? They’re thin in the backcourt. Maybe you give the keys to Nate Robinson or swing a trade but name five people who think Zaya can pull that off and I’ll give you $100. By no means is Marbury a PG on a championship team but I’m pretty sure Isaiah will be happy with just making the playoffs. He’s adequate enough to do that.

If Stoudemire plays more than 15 minutes a game, he’s damaging that team’s learning process. The Memphis Three are young but the position is deep and they have some major things going for them: a great teaching coach (he’s a big part of Barbosa’s success in PHX) who motivates as well as anyone in the game and can keep these kids from getting discouraged by rough starts, a low-key market that doesn’t expect more than what they’ll get, teammates with good hands who will be able to make up for the little mistakes. They’re playing the kids more on the road than at home which leads me to believe Iavaroni trusts them enough to run the show in tense environments. They can play in conservative and hold him until the deadline but, one way or another, they’ll be better off when he’s gone.

JR: Nate Robinson seems to be getting better and more team oriented. Mardy Collins also has played PG and has done well by accounts I’ve read.

JW: It’s hard to discussion buy-outs so early in the season. Bad players haven’t had the time they need to exert their terrible influence over their teams yet.

PC: Maybe not. The Knicks are discussing a possible Marbury buy-out right now.

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