Nothing But Net Worth

Michael Jordan is accustomed to setting records: highest regular season career scoring average (41.0) , most NBA scoring titles (10), most Finals MVPs (6), most consecutive games with 10 or more points (866), etc… Now add to that history’s most expensive divorce settlement ($168 million).

The two agreed on to divorce last December but settlement talks, which cost MJ another $20 million, are just wrapping up. Juanita Jordan isn’t leaving the ranch empty-handed. Actually, she’s staying at the ranch with custody of their kids and a third of His Airness’ fortune. But get this: she’s entitled to even more! Michael signed a prenup a year after they got married entitling Juanita to half his haul if they divorced. So… he filed a prenup after he got married? Exactly how does that work? You have the nuptials and then, post-nuptial, you sign a prenuptial agreement? I just burst into flames trying to figure that out.

Charles Oakley is rumored to be alright with the whole thing.

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