Snakes on a Plane


The Bergen Record reported punches were thrown between Isiah and Starbury . We’ve been mulling over the Starbury situation for a while now. We’re not sure why the Knicks didn’t ditch Marbs before the season. Even someone with as little foresight as Zeke should have seen how this would turn out. It was a powderkeg from the start. Now that things have spilled over and, like we predicted, the two leading men in this may-as-well-be-fiction shitshow started ultimate fighting on the team jet, there’s one big question. No, not when Marbs is bought out. No, no if Zaya will make it through the season as coach or team president or either.

The question the world wants answered is Who Snitched?

Take a seat, McCallum. We’ve got this one.

Assuming Randy wasn’t on the plane, let’s examine the five leading suspects:

1) Jerome James

Every man has a price. For Jerome, that price is food. Tempt him with some vittles and his lips start flapping. Given they landed in Phoenix, all it would take is a few beef chimichangas from Pink Taco and the Bergen Daily has its story.

2) Herb Williams


Herb has made a job out of being the Knicks’ interim coach. He took the helm when Don Cheney left the team, did the same when Wilkins split and coached the last two games of Larry Brown’s tenure. Herb is like that rebound you call when you just broke up. Don’t look for Williams to be named coach if Zeke gets the boot but he might be the NYK’s FWB until the end of the season.
3) David Lee


We don’t trust David Lee. He’s won dunk contests but we’re not sure how. He’s the first violator of the Trent Tucker rule. He’s sexed Chloe Sevigny. If there’s a wild card, it’s David Lee. He has no code.

4) Nate Robinson


He stands to get most of the minutes at the point if Marbury is exiled. He also has some punching experience so he’ll be able to take over Marbury’s sparring duties.

5) James Dolan


Dolan is a slimy rat. Recall how the Knicks owner tried to stiff Larry Brown on the remainder of his contract. Zeke isn’t really a “fine print” kind of guy so there’s a definite possibility he has a “no punching the players” clause in his contract and, by leaking Zeke’s bloodsport moment to the media, he’ll have something to point to when he tries to get out of paying another head coach the green.

So who’s the snitch? We’re not positive but we’ve got our guess.

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