Under and Overrated


All praise to League Pass for delivering to us the exciting Sacramento-Minnesota battle the other night as well as a slew of other really fascinating games involving extremely flawed teams. Here’s some early observation from the first three weeks of the season:


1) the Atlanta Hawks – It’s really a poorly constructed team with many players who do and don’t do the same things on the court. They’ll win some games just because the league is tilting towards speed and athleticism but without an starting caliber Point Guard and more balanced roster I don’t think the Hawks are any more then a fun team to watch with a lot of guys who make decent fantasy players

2) Seattle Supersonics – So far Durant hasn’t seen a shot opportunity he hasn’t liked. Sure he will be an all-star and maybe one of the best ever to lace up sneakers but for right now he seems like a one dimensional catch and shoot player. Jeff Green is a nice player but I’m not sure he was the best they could do at pick number 5. Wilcox seems to fill up boxscores but I’ve never seen him make a play in a clutch situation and he still can’t read where a double team is coming from. The Robert Swift experience has been a bust. I’m not sure beyond the underrated Nick Collison, that any of the Sonics will besides Jeff Green and Durant will be enjoying Oklahoma City’s booming downtown in the years to come.

3) Yao Ming – Yao has his moments where he looks unstoppable and then at other times he just disappears from the game for far too long. I still think he’s too soft to come up big in a game 7 in the playoffs.

4) Al Harrington – He plays like a more wiry Antoinne Walker and serves as a perfect example of why NBA scouts fear tweeners. He chucks too many 3s for a post player, can’t defend more agile wingmen and has neither the athletecism or ability to overcome the liabilities he brings to Golden State. Not that they have a better option.


1) Jeff Foster — Everytime I have the displeasure of watching the Pacers, Foster always sticks out as playhing harder then Jermaine O’Neil. He sets mean screens and plays tough defense. Why is Troy Murphy taking away his minutes?

2) Paul Milsap — Milsap brings instant interior energy off of Utah’s bench and is a nice contrast to Okur. I think his minutes will go up as the season continues.

3) The combination of Kwame Brown, Turiaf and Bynum — Let’s put aside the awful trade that brought Kwame to LA or Kwame’s contract. His defense seems to be getting better every time I watch him play. His offense is still god-awful but the Lakers don’t need huge scoring out of the center’s spot. Kwame’s low post partners Bynum and Turiaf also play tough defense and crash the boards. The Lakers would easily be the third best team out East. Every young player seems to have improved over the summer and this team doesn’t have one guy who is selfish and doesn’t pass the ball well.

4) Jarvis Hayes — I thought Jarvis Crittenton was the only Jarvis with a the potential for a decent game. Hayes was a great find for Joe Dumars. Where was this guy in Washington? Everytime I look at a boxscore and see Billups, Hamilton and Prince under 35 minutes, I think the Bulls are that much closer to making back to the NBA Finals.

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  1. Come on now, update! It’s been three days. I need my roundball fix.

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