Say It Ain’t So


Chris Mullin is a horrible General Manager. That James Dolan is considering this makes perfect sense! When I think of GMs who have no idea how to manage the salary cap and offer over the top contracts to limited free agents while negotiating against themselves, I think first of Isiah Thomas and then Chris Mullin.

Mullin, like Isiah, has a good eye for finding gems deep in the draft (Monta, Biedrins) but no clue when it comes to putting together a team or managing the salary cap. Mullin got bailed out when Indiana took Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy off his hands because those were two of the worst contracts out given out by an NBA team. It’s worth noting that Mullin didn’t even let Murphy or Dunleavy actually become a free agent so he could asses how the market valued them. He instead signed them to long term deals before their first contracts even expired. He could have moved them years earlier before the league caught on that they weren’t very good players but he held onto them until it was almost too late. The Warriors cap situation was so bad they had to trade Jason Richardson for the 8th pick in the draft, unable to take on an equal salary back without absorbing a huge luxury tax hit

Mullin is the also the same guy who handed out 50 million to Adonal Foyle and bought him out only in the last year.

Before begging Nellie to unretire, Mullin handed out a four year contract to an untested college coach Mike Montgomery, who was fired after two seasons.

He made a good deal for Baron Davis but keep in mind that at the time New Orleans was practically begging for someone to take on Davis’s contract.

His team except for one magical month has always underachieved.

Going from Isiah to Mullin would be the equivalent of moving from Bush to Romney.

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