The Royal We


– Something just feels wrong with Jalen Rose using the “we” to describe last year’s Phoenix Suns team.    I checked with my sources at and he in fact did play for the Suns after being bought out by the Knicks.

– I’m not suggesting the Sonics bench Kevin Durant or that the superstar label placed upon him is even in question, but why aren’t people suggesting Durant could learn from the bench like they would when a top-rated rookie quarterback enters the NFL?

– The Western Conference seems to be playing out exactly as we (and most critics) expected.   The only difference between this year and last is the play of Chris Paul, Andre Kirilinko and Grant Hill.   And the play of AK47 and Grant might not really make an impact when it comes to whether their respective teams advancing a round further in the playoffs. 

– So far the Cavs look like the big winners out east.  They’re comfortably at least the third best team out East (We’re not on the Orlando bandwagon just yet) and have given no reason  for General Manager Danny Ferry to panic and sign Varejao to a long term deal or give up young players and cap space to trade for an overpaid Mike Bibby.  The season has unfolded exactly as they had hoped it would so far.

– If I’m Utah GM Kevin O’Connor, I start calling the LA Clippers and see what I need to give up to land Corey Maggette.  The Jazz need a reliable outside shooter in order to solidify their chances of making it out west and might have some young chips (Milsap, Brewer) to make a deal work.   

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