Dallas, You Shine with an Evil Light


Jason Kidd faked being sick last night and the Knicks beat the Nets. He used the migraine excuse. I prefer calling in with diareah but to each his own.Dirk Nowitski keeps missing game winning shots. This one against the Duncan-less Spurs. Jason Terry once again proved he’s not the pure point guard a team needs to run half court sets. If I’m Mark Cuban, I’m at least calling Rod Thorn and seeing if Devin Harris and Jason Terry plus some expiring contracts would be enough to work out a deal. It would hurt the Mavs depth but it might be the only chance they have to win a title this year. And if they’re not winning this year, the team will in all likelihood have to be broken up before 08-09.

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One Comment on “Dallas, You Shine with an Evil Light”

  1. Paul Sui Says:

    David Stern should intervene now. A contract is a contract and everybody should strictly abide to it until the last expiry date.

    Nobody is indispensible in the NBA. We should immediately get rid of people like Kidd, Kobe, Kirilenko (all these names start with K), Sean Marion, Alonzo Mourning & Vince Carter. Who do they think they are? They should spend a few weeks in Africa & India and know the true meaning of poverty.

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