Just Wondering

The Mitchell Report finally arrived in our inboxes. ZZZZZ. The biggest loser is Roger Clemens. The biggest winner is David Stern. While Baseball was threatened with Congressional involvement and coerced into spending millions of dollars on an investigation which violated players privacy and concluded much of what we already knew, I am still not sure what David Stern is doing about officiating and the NBA. Why, if congress is going to forego the idea of limited government and threaten baseball, are they not involved in whether NBA playoff games were fixed? The media is so focused on steroids and baseball that David Stern has been given a free pass for what should have been an enormous story. I think most fans, ranging from the casual to the intense, still have no idea what steps have been taken to make officiating more consistent. When will we stop hearing about different rules for different players and different rules depending on how much time is left in the game? How are referees being held more accountable to the players, teams and fans? Are these evaluations public or at least made available to the teams? Was the Spurs-Suns playoff game last year effected by Donaghy’s ties to gambling? Have any of these questions been adequately answered?

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