Milwaukee – Cleveland

12706_large.jpgRebuilding Year used its media power to secure 10th row seats to last night Cleveland Cavaliers – Milwaukee Bucks tilt and made the following observations.  The following observations were made: 

– Yi looks like he takes the game of basketball seriously.  Even during warm-ups he appeared to be concentrating intensly.  He shook his head and grimaced after a few missed jumpshots during shootaround.   Yi also pays attention during every time-out, which is more then you could say for the rest of the Milwaukee Buck bench.

– Red and Green aren’t flattering colors for Yi.

– At this point Yi’s offensive game looks pretty one-dimensional.  He’s an excellent spot up shooter from 15-18 feet.  He runs the floor hard and fast.   But that’s about it.  He can’t put the ball on the floor or play with his back to the basket and is  an easy guard.   On defense his height forced some players into awkward shots but he wasn’t able to keep his man boxed out.    

– Yi may one day develop a well-rounded game but the comparisons to a young Dirk seem a little far-fetched. 

– Michael Redd is a great player.  He doesn’t force bad shots and plays unselfishly.  Imagine how good he’d be if the Bucks had a guy on the post who occasionally drew a double team. 

– Andy Bogut is horrible.  He can’t box out and got schooled by Zydrunas all game.  The Bucks were more effective with Jake Voskul in at center. 

– Charlie Villanueva seems to be patterning his game after Antoine Walker.  This isn’t a good sign.  

– Mo Williams is a good player but I’m not sure he was worth the money spent on him in the off-season. 

-How does Lenny Harris still have his GM job?  He traded TJ Ford for Vilanueva and passed on Chris Paul and Deron Williams in the draft in order to select Bogut.  What was he thinking?  

– Bogut seems devoid of the athleticism needed to significantly improve your game when you move from the College to the Pro level.     

– Cleveland’s offense is devoid of anything other then Lebron driving and Z posting up or spotting up.   This team desperately needs a point guard if it ever expects to beat the Western Conference Champion. If it’s possible for an over 30 year old center to improve then Z has.  He is more active on the glass then ever and he has really improved his face the basket jump shot. 

– Devin Brown was the most under-rated signing of the past year.  He’s unselfish, plays great defense and meshes well in between Lebron and Boobie Gibson. 

– Whatever happened to the idea of the Cavs hiring an offensive coordinator? 

– Varejao is excellent at what he does.  Every game he grabs key offensive rebounds, draws charges, and finishes fast breaks.  For what he brings to the team on a nightly basis, his contract is very reasonable for Cleveland.  He also tans well.           

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