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Shaq’s Ass

February 15, 2008

Sports Illustrated’s time as the premier source for sports news has passed. While their print version is vastly superior to the New York Post of sporting magazines, the guys in Stanford have the digital scene locked up. This is the world in which we live.

That said, you can always cull one or two delectable tidbits from each issue. This week: Shaq’s biggest problem isn’t his age, his conditioning or his inability to dunk anymore- it’s his butt muscles. According to Phoenix medical staff, “He has a weakness in his gluteus muscles.” Stop giggling. I’m not kidding. And put that National Geographic down. You all have detention!

Seriously, can we really believe this? The Diesel’s derriere is what’s been causing his glacial pace this season? Are we sure it’s not from sitting on the bench all season?

I’ll believes is when I sees it.