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December 20, 2007


My cohort beat me to it below but I just wanted to spotlight this video.

It’s all you need to watch to understand Zo as a warrior/poet and how his defensive energy was key to Miami’s 2006 title.

Enjoy retirement Zo – We’ll miss your spirit.


here’s a guy who was making rain before making rain was fashionable

March 14, 2007

We can’t remember who tipped us off to these photos of NBA’ers enjoying themselves, so here’s a generic thank you to the basketball blogging community. Here’s the “Glove” Gary Payton:



Do you think the makes women he meets at mixers call him the Glove?

new theory

March 7, 2007


LZ Granderson can’t be real. How many more columns can he write shit like “some might want to turn a blind eye to the gayness of nascar but there’s something under the hood nonetheless” Or from his latest column on Seattle’s homophobic new ownership group and whether Seattle should fund the new arena with tax dollars — “It’s a tough choice, but life is full of tough choices. Stern made his. Now Seattle, the ball’s in your court.”

LZ doesn’t need to be radical just because he is the only out gay sportswriter at ESPN but can he at least not be ten times more milquetoast then Steven Wojowhatever.

Our theory is that there is no such thing as LZ Granderson. LZ Granderson = JT Leroy. LZ is really Steven A. Smith playing a trick on us all.

we need to talk

March 6, 2007


Ron Artest was arrested for hitting some woman No surprises there. She probably accidently fed the dogs.

The incident got us thinking how hard it must be for a woman to break up with an athlete like Artest and not fear for your life. What exactly are the right words?:

“Ron-Ron, we should see other people.”

“S-Jax, I still want to have sex but I also want to be with other Golden State Warriors.”

Or “Pac-Man, I like you a lot (and think it’s really cool how you make it rain and then sweep up the rain really fast) but I’m just not attracted to you.”

conservative locker room fantasies

February 22, 2007


Michael Medvid has done a lot of thinking about showering with homosexual men (and obese women!) in the locker room. It’s good to know someone besides Fred Phelps has taken Hardaway’s side.

the jazz are an international brothel

February 22, 2007


Just when you thought looking at the Internet had run its course and was getting stale, you discover Mehmet Okur’s website!!!

Begin your journey with Mehmet by ” reading the story behind the surprise party for his new attractive wife Yeliz. Despite not mentioning how much he paid for her, the website is full of great stuff, including pictures of a woman who would stoop so low as to actually perform intercourse with Carlos Boozer. The Toronto Raptors might be “Free Darko, but the Utah Jazz are all Rebuilding Year. Enjoy!

masha wants what masha wants

February 22, 2007


Andrei Kirilenko reacted with shock and disbelief to an All-Star Weekend report on the Internet suggesting his wife, Masha, wants out of Utah.Don Ryan, Associated Press
The Jazz’s Jarron Collins, right, reaches in on Portland’s forward Zach Randolph.
“I want to tell you, that’s bull——,” Kirilenko said Tuesday night in Portland.
According to author and NBA analyst Charley Rosen, writing on the Web site: “Jazz-watchers are mystified by Kirilenko’s subpar play so far this season. Not only are all of his numbers down, but he’s complained loudly and in public about his not being involved in the offense. Here’s what’s really going on: AK’s wife is miserably unhappy living in Salt Lake City, and she’s been nagging him to find a way out of there. The only option they’ve come up with is to try to force a trade by being a malcontent. (Jazz owner) Larry Miller has been known to be impulsive, but so far (coach) Jerry Sloan has kept his boss from popping his cork. So far.”
“This is not true,” Kirilenko said before the Jazz’s game against the Trail Blazers. “It is, like, unbelievable lie. Because, first of all, we built house. Secondary, Masha is opening her clothing store. It’s not true at all.”
A clothing-line company run by Kirilenko’s wife, who is about eight months pregnant with the couple’s second child, is under construction now at the Gateway shopping center in downtown Salt Lake City.
“Masha likes Salt Lake,” Kirilenko said. “She probably doesn’t weather in the winter, but the people … we don’t have any problem with.”
Our bet is that Kirilenko asks for his free pass right away and makes Charley Rosen humble.